The Company, and its wholly owned subsidiary Global Transportation and Infrastructure, Inc., are pioneers of “PPP” Private Public Partnership, of infrastructure projects and transportation projects. The Company is a “conduit” to “facilitate”, “general contracting” services for infrastructure projects and transportation projects collectively called infrastructure projects nationally. As a “conduit” working with consulting firms such as Transportation Economics Management Systems “TEMS”, together we “facilitate” identifying infrastructure projects for both private and public end users. The Company brings together private and public entities, the end users, including the affiliate entities to organize the revenue bond offering, which will be the private debt vehicle to build the infrastructure project for the end user. The Companies ultimate role is providing “general contracting” services and “construction management” services for the private and public entities.

As the US and World populations are rapidly increasing and global Infrastructure is being surpassed in its ability to safely and adequately provide the effective transportation for sustainable economics, infrastructure is becoming inadequate and dilapidated.

The Company’s management team has recognized the need for a solution to curb the financial burden on governments and taxpayers alike. The Company has developed a solid approach to what is today called “PPP” Private Public Partnership.

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